Review | Golem at the Young Vic Theatre

“Move with the times or you’ll be left behind!” 
1927 bring their fusion of intricate animation and meticulous performance to the stage once more at the Young Vic to ask what the impact of technology is on our nation and ourselves. But is it right to ask such bold questions about technology in a performance so reliant on that format?

An unnamed location in an unnamed time. Robert, a nerdy, awkwardly spoken boy of an unknown age buys another one of his friends apparent inventions. It’s the only thing he spends his salary on, apart from rather disgusting greasy spoon lunches. But this invention is different, this clay man – a cross between a personal assistant and a robot, is changing and evolving as the days go on. Something else may be controlling this golem – someone other than Robert.

Log on to Facebook at the minute and most people are desperately trying to claim back their privacy through statements about who owns their content. Viral content on websites like Twitter and YouTube continue to make internet sensations out of relatively mundane situations and individuals: what do you think about this trend in modern technology? When the media and police can hack your calls without you knowing should we be worried?

1927’s weird and kooky mix of bold animation and simplistic characters provides this play with a rich sub-text that enables your mind to wander and ask questions about your own life and your own interface with technology. Personally I love that quiet space that is created for thought and my own imagination but it’s not for everyone – there isn’t the same security in this performance that you might get in something more traditional but honestly: that is what is exciting.

Come on: roll up, roll up and prepare to be afraid.

Golem is on at the Young Vic until 31st January 2015. For more details and to book tickets visit the Young Vic's website.


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