Review | 2071 at The Royal Court

The stage is set. The audience expectant. Apart from most the audience aren’t sure if what they are about to witness is theatre or a lecture. At the Royal Court this evening climate stage is taking centre stage – Chris Rapley, a professor of climate science at UCL is performing a monologue in front of a series of projected graphs directed by the inspiring and challenging Katie Mitchell. I’ve come to see 2071 at the Royal Court – a play that asks if there is any hope for the human race in the face of climate change. The title of the play comes from Rapley asking what will the world look like when his granddaughter is the same age he is? What catastrophes could be in store for our planet?

As a Western country, we can have a preference and desire to sometimes close our eyes and ears to the potential consequences of burning too much fossil fuel so I found this portrayal fascinating as it endeavoured to be purely scientific. The audience, in just 60 minutes, are presented with all the facts and details to understand the true situation of climate change and given the chance to decide their own outcome and path.

There is something both terrifying and quite freeing in this and I loved Mitchell's direction which was simple, clean and therefore incredibly powerful. Was this theatre? Others may argue it isn't but I left feeling empowered to instigate change, compelled to think about what I'd heard and encouraged to tell others.

We have the power to change the course of human fate - if we are simply bold enough to stand up and take responsibility. 2071 will challenge you to do just that - open your ears and listen to the truth of the situation: it might just surprise you.

2071 returns to The Royal Court for 3 performances from 23rd-24th January. For more details and to book tickets visit the Royal Court website.


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