I am delighted to offer 1:1 coaching to help you work towards a running or fitness goal you have in mind. As a registered UK Athletics coach and with experience coaching 1:1 in group settings and plenty of personal experience I am particularly passionate about coaching individuals in a highly personal way that suits you as an individual first and doesn't just have a 'one size fits all' approach to coaching.

My prices aim to enable anyone to access highly personalised coaching while allowing for the resources you might have available. In order to make the best plan for you to reach your goals I ask for a commitment of three months minimum.

I can make a plan fit my lifestyle and am training for a standard distance race
Plan updated once a month 
Check ins via WhatsApp once a week
Check ins on Skype once every three months
£70 a month 

I need more flexibility from a plan and am training for a more specific race or goal
Plan updated once a fortnight
Can be customised to fit around shift patterns / travel
Check ins via WhatsApp twice a week
Check ins face to face or on Skype once every two months
Race strategy support for A races
Pacing guidelines
£110 a month

I want a highly personalised plan with more support to unlock my potential
Plan updated once a week
Fully customisable to fit around shift patterns / travel
Check ins via WhatsApp three times a week
One on one coaching session online/in person once a month
Race strategy support
Pacing guidelines
Additional tools to enable race to be a success including templates and worksheets
£150 a month

For more details and to discuss if we might be a good coaching fit contact me at fionajjenglish AT

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