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As someone who potentially owns more running kit than regular clothing, there are a couple of items that are worn with far more frequency than others. Highlights include my Saysky reflective jacket that is the perfect combo of lightweight and shower proof, my splattery Stance socks which are just so comfy and my Tribesports 3 inch shorts which I can't get enough of.

I'm an avid listener to the Marathon Talk podcast so when I heard Richard Edmunds, the co-founder of Runderwear on the show it reminded me that I'd been meaning to check the brand out for a while. I've heard lots of whisperings about how great the kit is but hadn't got round to trying it out. It's not the kind of thing you can, after all, pop in to a sports shop and test. What I really liked about what Richard was saying was he observed that we can spend a fortune on our outer layers of kit only to put cheap underwear on that doesn't have any of the performance enhancing benefits: you know what, he's right! I'll happily spend £40 on a pair of chafe free shorts but will still wear my high street underwear then complain when I have chafing issues.

I've also been cut to pieces by sports bras more times than I like to remember. I'd just come to accept this as part of the course of running long distances. So Runderwear's claim that they will eliminate chaffing peaked my interest. Not reduce, eliminate! The guys at Runderwear offered to send me over one of their sports bras and a couple of pairs of their pants to try out - no need for a positive review or not, no need for a blog or not. But readers: I'm addicted.

The Runderwear sports bra is without a doubt the greatest sports bra I've ever tried. What have I been doing all these years ripping holes in my body?! It's comfortable, fits like a dream, provides the support I need and does not chafe one single bit. I've worn it in hot weather, I've worn it in the pouring rain and just to make sure I was 100% happy I wore it in the Two Oceans Marathon which was 56km, or just under 6 hours, of sweat, rain, hot sunshine and abuse. And I was, by the end, still 100% chafe free.

The pants are also chafe free but don't work quite as well for me because I'm not a great fan of a hot pant shape, and I find the briefs give me some VPL issues but I'm going to order some of the other styles because they're so darn comfy and non-sweaty that I'm going to find the shape that work for me.

I wanted to write this blog though because people are forever asking me what bits of kit I love and I can't recommend the Runderwear sports bra enough though: it's an absolute delight. Chafing: be gone!

Kit used for the Two Oceans marathon
including Runderwear sports bra and briefs


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