Kit | 361 Nemesis: unexpectedly loving the new

I've always loved a gritty, surprising performer. Someone who hasn't 'always' run. Someone who hasn't 'always' loved sport. Someone who doesn't easily win.

I really like following the sport of triathlon because you get to see surprising things happen as the strong swimmers are overtaken by the epic cyclists who are chased down by the powerful runners. It's not as predictable as single discipline sports. In the last couple of years I've loved in particular following one triathlete's journey as she went beyond what was expected of her: Katie Zaferes. Here is an American athlete performing consistently in the top couple of finishers even though she is rarely in first place. You don't have to win to be the best when it comes to triathlon and for most of last year, Zaferes was ranked as the best in the world.

One of the things in particular I love about watching Zaferes race is her rather fantastic strong running style. While geeking out watching her consistently perform in yet another race, I noticed she isn't sponsored by one of the kit giants of the world but by a brand I'd not come across before, 361.

Zaferes says: "When I tried a pair I felt so confident and comfortable in them. I could tell when I first started running in 361 Degrees shoes that they are dependable, and then when I raced in them I found out they're also fast shoes! I've run some of my fastest run splits in the 361-KGM2 2."

Who doesn't want to run in shoes that are comfortable, dependable and fast that also look cool?!

361 kindly sent me a pair to try out and firstly I love the colourway! There is nothing I hate more than a boring trainer. The new 361-Nemesis is a fantastic neon colour which is fun.

There is the most brilliant design feature that I've not seen before on a running trainer of a flat tongue so the tongue doesn't move about or getting stuck at a slightly odd angle. The laces are also fab - when you tie them they become flat and incredibly secure meaning I didn't need to double knot them as I would with most shoes.

And then there is the ride itself: fast and cushioned. I didn't even know that was a thing! I tend to like run endurance races in cushioned and stability shoes - preferring the good cushioning over a narrower speedier choice. But I feel like the 361-Nemesis have managed to blend both these things. I really felt I was flying on my interval session in them and they provided great stability to my weak-ish ankles. I also thought the grip underfoot was excellent.

My friend Julia from loves 361 trainers and she is one of the strongest, toughest marathon runners I know.

So if they work for the best pros and the best amateurs, maybe they might work for you too?

You can find out more about 361 trainers here: 


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