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I want to tell you about a rather amazing power couple I know. Both in their 60s, they aren't your usual OAPs. On Saturday, the wife, Philippa, left to go round Indochina for 4 months - more accurately 'flashpacking' - "Haven't you heard of it?" she asks, "it's the glamping of backpacking." She's starting in Bangkok before heading off to Myanmar (known to most of us by it's old name Burma) before heading round Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and ending up back in Thailand. All of this on her own.

Meanwhile the husband of the couple, David, had been plotting which mountains around the UK need to be ticked off his already rather impressive list. Under the disguise of learning to use the appliances in the house, he has booked train tickets to the furthest reaches of Scotland and planned all the trips that would usually make Philippa roll her eyes. A typical trip includes taking a train all the way from London up to Wick in Scotland before cycling to get to a mountain "But it will be cycling through thick snow!" he tells me excitedly. Not your normal holiday.

On top of that, David bikes 25 miles a day round London and when Philippa is in London she nabs the standing spots at the Royal Opera House and pays single figures to watch 5 hour long arias.

They really are rather cool and I really am a bit jealous of their adventures. Plus they're my parents! 

They've both just started a blog talking about their adventures home and away, check it out - they are hilarious and unexpectedly adventurous. 

Philippa (AKA mum) is travelling under the ruse of An Oldies Adventure
David (AKA dad) is getting up to no good over at An Oldies Misadventure

So a toast to the coolest oldies I know: Team Levey.

An Oldies Adventure checking in at the airport

An Oldies Misadventure crossing a river in Scotland


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