Training Log | Life gets in the way: Week 4 Ultra-Training

13th November – 19th November

Monday 13th November
Proper rest day. After yesterday’s mileage took it easy and walked to work (30 minutes) but then spent the rest of the day on the tube.

Tuesday 14th November
Never before in my life have I been invited to meet someone at 7am on the top of Primrose Hill. But there Libby was waiting when I dragged myself to the summit ‘I’ve only had to do one hill rep waiting for you’ she said. Joined her on her run commute in town finishing at the Thursday morning classic of Beigel bake on Brick Lane – cue huge confusion from the staff.
Running: 12.7km | Time: 1:15:47| Av Pace: 5:55/km | Elev Gain: 79m | Beigel bagels eaten: 1

Wednesday 15th November
Write off of a day thanks to work and an evening at the Opera House. Saw an amazing opera. It’s all about balance.

Thursday 16th November
Despite of the midnight arrival home post-Opera, I still scraped myself out of bed for Beigel run. As I’d had my Beigel fix on Tuesday I carried on post-10k up to the gym to shower before a 9am meeting. Pretty chilled pace this morning.
Running: 11.6km | Time: 1:14:22 | Av Pace: 6:24/km | Elev Gain: 166m

Friday 17th November
A WHOLE WEEK WITHOUT CYCLING. Whoops. Adidas Runners has moved to a new base in Old Street and Madia Vale – Old St is one of those journeys in London that’s pretty impossible without a bike. So hauled out the racer and pegged it through the city in freezing weather. Good interval session this morning of 6 out of 10 efforts then 8 out of 10 efforts. Really pleased with the pace.
Running (Intervals plus 2km WU): 6.8km | Time: 35:27 | Av Pace: 5:10/km | Elev Gain: 16m
Cycle commuting: 16.3km | Time: 53:44

Saturday 11th November
Refused to get out of bed so ended up sprinting on the racer bike up to Cambridge parkrun making parkrun an almost run off the bike. Pleased with the pace all things considered.
Running (parkrun): 5km | Time: 23:54| Av Pace: 4:56/km | Elev Gain: 12m
Cycle commuting:  11.7km | Time 34:15

Sunday 12th November
Long run day. Church at 9:30am today and got in from a birthday party at 1:30am but had told a friend I’d meet them on the busway which meant, even though it was 1°C outside I made it out before sunrise. 21.1 crisp kilometres later with my friend Thom for company from 14km onwards felt joyous. Beautiful morning running. Great pace too – really pleased with the progress I’ve made.
Running (long run): 21.1km | Time: 1:54:32 | Av Pace: 5:24/km | Elev Gain: 48m

Week Four Totals
Running: 60.5km | 5:42:00 | 339m
Cycling: 28.3km | 1:27:00 | 204
Swimming: 0m

Thoughts: Well the swimming and cycling never happened. Sometimes work and life just get in the way. Missed a 10km run so bit low on the total mileage but ready to pick up the mileage next week. Someone tell me off if I haven’t done any S&C next week!


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