Just over a week a go my friend Elaine stood up at the front of church and challenged me: What distractions are getting in your way?

For a while now I've not been quite my usual self. Slightly overwhelmed about everything and underwhelmed by everything. I think this endemic is pretty normal in our current fast paced, ever demanding society where more is more and less is radical.

About a week a go it all got to a head and it felt like something snapped. In the last week I've had a choice: do I allow things to stay like this or do I pause, recalibrate, refocus and balance my life once more.

It's not easy finding the 'norm' tough. But I have a feeling it is normal. When did it become cool to be normal? So I'm putting my hand up and confessing: I'm in a bit deep and I'm donning the uncool lifejacket.

How am I going to do that?

Well for starters I am coming off Facebook and Twitter for a while. I don't find them helpful and as much as I'm sure I'll miss out on a few things they actually aren't my whole existence. Remember when 'brb' on Messenger used to be a thing? I want some more brb in my life.

I'm also rebalancing my diet. I so easily self medicate with caffeine and sugar and junk. I'm reminding myself that treats aren't an hourly thing and challenging myself to live without the drugs of diet coke and haribo.

Finally I'm going to find that head space again. Space to run. Space to be peaceful. For me personally: space to pray. I need those things in my life to feel like I'm operating normally.

So if you need me I'm still around: I'll be on my blog still, at the end of an email, a text message or even, shockingly, a letter. It just might take us all a minute longer to know about each others lives: we might, for instance, have to actually have a real conversation, not just be a fly on the wall of our perfected versions of ourselves.



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