Things I didn't expect from pregnancy

 Things I didn’t expect from pregnancy:

1. To feel so flipping exhausted all the time
2. How controversial running would be if I chose to continue
3. How decisive phrases like ‘epidural’ or ‘breast feeding’ would be
4. The people wanting to touch me without my permission
5. How often people would comment on my appearance and how uncomfortable that would make me feel
6. The sensation of small feet kicking me being something I enjoy feeling
7. The other side effects no one talks about like reflux and insomnia
8. How much my centre of gravity would change and how weird that would feel
9. The relationship I would have with my changing body - both positive and negative
10. The unpredictability: how every day would feel so dramatically different

Grateful to my body for the miracles it’s working it’s way through right now. It’s very humbling to be on this journey.

10 days away from being 8 months pregnant and just 21 days left of work.


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