Training Log | Merry Icelandic Christmas: Week 10 Ultra-Training

25th December - 31st December

Monday 25th December
Happy Christmas! Christmas morning means one thing in my family: Christmas parkrun! Lovely time at Brueton parkrun and even though the Speedster tried to pace me out I just didn't feel it today. However - considering I was having a 'meh' day I was thrilled to finish with a sub-24 minute time still. The perfect Christmas start and the official end of Advent running.
Running: 5km | Time: 23:25 | Elev Gain: 39m

Tuesday 26th December
Back to London for our second Christmas with my family and pre-Boxing Day lunch we go for a great walk up Primrose Hill & back. Test out one of the new outdoor gyms and my mum destroys me on the knee up machines. Go mum!
Walking: 5.5km | Time: 1:12:48 | Elev Gain: 69m

Wednesday 27th December
Christmas is officially over this morning when I wake up: it's sleeting. Eugh. My brilliant Dad comes out with me to smash out Primrose Hill reps. I'm testing out some poles to see if it helps my ascent at all. They really make a difference but will take a bit of getting used to. Some research shows how expensive they are so I'm not sure yet they're worth the investment. Only 21 times more that ascent for the Transgrancanaria race. Gulp!
Running: 6.4km | Time 41:08 | Av Pace: 6:24/km | Elev Gain:148m

Thursday 28th December
Fly to Iceland today so it's rest day!

Friday 29th December
Beautiful run in Iceland today in very cold temperatures. We run out and back to see a fantastic crashed plane on a beach. As ever - we're on holiday chasing experiences, not the perfect photograph. 
Running: 7.7km | Time: 41:43 | Av Pace: 5:23/km | Elev Gain: 50m

Saturday 30th December
Another beautiful day in Iceland. Morning hike to a glacier which involves some good climbing and is fun in the pitch black. Lunchtime hike up the Skogafoss waterfall adds to the climbing. Not just one but two swims in the afternoon: firstly at the abandoned open water swimming pool of Seljavallalaug and later swimming our way round the Secret Lagoon rather than simply bobbing up and down. All great fun. 
Hiking: 5.1km | Time: 1:01:31 | Elev Gain: 201m
Hiking: 1.1km | Time: 13:52 | Elev Gain: 84m
Swimming (Seljavallalaug swimming pool): 300m
Swimming (The Secret Lagoon): 1,170m

Sunday 31st December
What else would you do on New Years Eve than run a 10km race in Iceland in -6 degrees? No? Just us?! The Speedster and I had been really looking forward to the annual ÍR Gamlárshlaup (gamlárs meaning New years and Hlaup run). I've not raced a 10k in ages so was quite excited to see what would happen but more than anything was looking forward to simply enjoying the tourism of running round Reykjavik. Went out well although was jolly cold initially. As it was an out and back course had great fun cheering & photographing the Speedster as he went flying past in the top 25. I knew I was running well but was delighted to come in with a new 10k PB and 36th woman out of 535. As well as that, the race helped me finish my running tally for the year on exactly 2,500km run. 

Happy New Year!
Running: 10km | Time: 48:32 | Av Pace: 4:51/km | Elev Gain: 200m

Week Ten Totals
Running: 41km | 5:02:00 | 789m
Cycling: 0km
Swimming: 1,470m

Thoughts: So pleased with the new 10k PB and pleased with a fun Christmas/holiday week which still involved some exercise. Think my legs were ready for a 'true' cut back week to make sure I wasn't overtraining and they've definitely been treated to that. Looking forward to the final home straight on training with just 8 weeks to go now until the Transgrancanaria and only 2 weeks until my practice race (and first ultra) at Country to Capital. 


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