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By the time February comes round I suddenly sit up straighter shocked that we're one month in to a new year and all my grand plans and resolutions have yet to materialise. I firmly believe that a really great exercise class can inspire and motivate you in a way that little else can. For one thing I have to stop loudly proclaiming I can do 20 press ups and let the whole populous see the reality (barely one). It also drives you to really achieve something in that hour or so and usually helps give me a great day before the class as I aim to eat well, and day after, as I feel zen and inspired. 

This week, Frame have been holding a pop-up store in Old Street Station. I've been wanting to try Frame for ages being a great believer in good graphic design, swish changing rooms and anything in the near proximity to Kings Cross. So the offer of trying this exclusive workout series seemed too good to pass up. I went along to Mini-Barre, a 30 minute taster session full of stretching and planking and pliĆ©s. 

I'm recovering from quite a nasty running injury that saw me snap some of the fibres in my calf muscle so I've been trying to find strength and conditioning work to keep me motivated and stop me being too depressed about my lack of running. But I wasn't prepared for how hard core Barre was going to be! A mix of the ballet of my youth combined with the toughest bits of Vinyasa Flow Yoga and a lot of planking thrown in for good measure, Barre is a great chance to increase your heart rate while stretching and toning. I was particularly surprised in how hard I found the core work - I've always known my core was pretty dismal but I was downright pathetic in the class and afterwards that was a great motivator to eat well and work harder. 

Looking around the five svelte girls in my class made me feel this was exactly the kind of place women in their late 20s who tag Instagram photos with #fitspo while reading Deliciously Ella's cookbooks and dressed in expensive sportswear go. And to be honest, that's kind of what I'm aiming for! Chatting with the girls afterwards nearly all of us are primarily runners looking for a way to get stronger and faster while staying injury free. 

Seems like I've found my new spiritual home in this den of Sweaty Betty yoga mats and coconut water. Might be time to rename it Frame February. Get moving!


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