Food | Review: The Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green

It was always going to be a match made in heaven in my books: a not-for-profit vegan community cafe. Done.

On my way to the osteopath this morning I did a quick google search to try and find a good place for a pre-physio coffee and up popped The Gallery Cafe - nestled underneath St Margaret's Community Project on Old Ford Road in Bethnal Green. With the promise of dairy-free milk and WIFI calling I arrived at the entrance and was instantly transported away from the dirty, dusty streets of East London to a mecca of urban cool.

The prices are incredibly reasonable: buns from £2, pancakes are £3.50 and cooked breakfast starts at£6 this is sustainable, responsible dining at it's best. If the vegan trend is a step too far there are plenty of vegetarian options on the menu and there is also a full allergen's key that comes with all the dishes which are homemade on site. Gluten-free? No problem. Can't eat seeds, mustard or soya? Won't be an issue.

I ordered a vegan cinnamon bun and an almond milk latte as I'm currently still practicing my Vegan Before 6 lifestyle. The coffee was perfect - froth is a challenge with dairy free-coffees but this was expertly done. The bun itself was more bready than cakey which made it like the best, goey, nutty, spicey roll ever. It reminded me of Christmas and holidays and naughty treats, all in a delicious dairy-free offering.

The Gallery Cafe's passion for fresh food, local suppliers and seasonal ingredients shines through in their menu and delicious food offering. And when is a naughty treat not a naughty treat? When the proceeds go to charity obviously! As a social enterprise, The Gallery Cafe's profits are poured back in to the work that St Margaret's House does including supporting other local charities, access to fitness and the arts and providing the community with low cost events.

In fact, The Gallery Cafe is so great: maybe it's time you considered moving to Bethnal Green.


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