Baking | The Biscuiteers, Notting Hill

New job new area! A month a go I started a brand new job in Notting Hill working for a really cool arts venue. It's such a brilliant area - lively, creative, colourful and full of incredible bakeries! 

One of my favourite bakeries in Notting Hill is called The Biscuiteers. They make beautiful, unique iced biscuits and also offer afternoon tea and icing classes. But the total highlight of their shop for me is the wonderful 'icing cafe' they offer. It's essentially a chance for the 5 year old in you who loved colouring in to mess about with icing and make something beautiful and delicious.

The Biscuiteers icing cafe has to be my friend-date of choice in London. I visited with my fantastic foodie friend Sarah and in between laughing at each other's concentration and all the sugar I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon. For £15 you are given three biscuits to decorate (your choice of all kinds of shapes and sizes) and a huge bowl of prepared for you icing tubes in different colours. You also get unlimited drinks while you are in the cafe - tea, hot chocolate with marshmallows, lattes - whatever you want! So highly caffeinated and sugar filled you set off on your challenge to ice your biscuits. I have great fun decorating my pirate ship, wedding cake and man and at the end they wrap my biscuits up carefully and post one of them for me.

After you've learnt how hard it is to ice the biscuits it's time to celebrate your victory with The Biscuiteers glorious afternoon tea. Served on beautiful candy striped crockery this simple offering is beautifully created even though it's slightly simpler than other afternoon teas available elsewhere in London. Cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches served on white and brown bread respectfully. The cucumber is all laid in little diagonal lines making these simple little sandwiches quite delightful and I'm dragged back to childhood memories of posh birthday parties with buffet tables and lavishly decorated birthday cakes.

After the simple savoury element of the afternoon tea, the cakes are eye-wateringly pretty - little cupcakes with sprinkles and mini biscuits wings pressed in to the mound of buttercream icing; miniature Battenberg slices and an incredible array of the signature immaculately defrosted biscuits: Notting Hill's tube sign, union jacks and a telephone box are all on the menu. The colours really pop out of this afternoon offering and it feels like the ultimate London experience with the vivid pallet of red, white and blue British emblems. 

The Biscuiteers is definitely a fantastic way to spend an afternoon either devouring their Instagram worthy afternoon tea or trying your hand at some biscuit decorating. And the results are delicious: both aesthetically and literally!


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